The Re-Launch of HairMax Laser Hair Treatment Site

The LaserComb: A breakthrough in hair growth, hair care, and hair science

Boca Raton, FL - May 18, 2008 Lexington International, LLC, a leader in home-use laser hair loss treatments, inaugurated the re-launch of their new internet site, on May 23, 2008. The new website provides visitors with an exciting fresh look at their Laser Comb, expanded content and extensive information on hair loss. This is the first major revision to Lexington's website since their milestone FDA clearance of the HairMax LaserComb for the promotion of hair growth in males with Androgentic Alopecia.

Lexington International expanded the website which allows for inclusion of new research information on mechanistic studies. These studies are being researched in the US and Europe. Lexington has also expanded coverage to new medical audiences such as dermatologists and other health care professionals. The site includes a section labeled 'Setting the Record Straight' which will post accurate information in response to inaccuracies from the many portals that disseminate wrong information from internet sources and other media sites.

The overall goal of the site is to use a scientific approach to explain how the laser hair loss treatment provided by the HairMax LaserComb promotes hair regrowth for male pattern baldness. This approach helps educate the public on the mechanism with regards to the efficacy of the revolutionary LaserComb.

The major theme of the site, 'Breakthrough in Hair Growth, Hair Care and Hair Science' acts as an 'umbrella' covering all aspects of hair loss and laser hair loss treatments including an understanding of the emotional aspects people experience as a result of this condition. With this in mind, the site attempts to guide users towards a new source of hope. Lexington supports this hope through extensive clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the HairMax Laser Comb as a laser hair loss treatment.

The newly designed web site also features user testimonials that highlight successful results when using the HairMax LaserComb as a laser hair loss treatment. Lexington is now making it easier than ever for current users to share their success stories through a convenient web submission form. These testimonials can be viewed in video, photo, or audio formats. In addition, the site has new tabs that simplify the navigation page. It is now faster to access important information on subjects that have proved most popular with the audience based on analytical research.

The analytical analysis of visitors' preferences using the site became the catalyst behind the thorough re-design. The new website facilitates a platform for Lexington to grow their internet presence in conjunction with the ongoing business expansion.

"Now that the redesigned state-of-the-art website is in place, we will globalize this powerful content, by translating it into six languages for universal appeal," says David Michaels, Managing Director of Lexington International, LLC.

About Lexington International, LLC

Based in Boca Raton, FL, Lexington International manufactures and distributes the HairMax LaserComb to 89 countries and has provided hope and satisfaction to tens of thousands of customers seeking HairMax's laser hair treatment, since its introduction in 2001. The HairMax is the first and only medical device that is cleared by the FDA to promote hair growth in men suffering from androgenetic alopecia. Grounded in over 20 years of international research and studies, the HairMax LaserComb is recognized as the leader in emerging technologies to treat hair loss. Lexington is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, 'Team Florida', and has received the 'Commercial and Export Achievement' award from the US Department of Commerce.

To insure quality and customer satisfaction, Lexington International, LLC is an ISO certified company following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Certification to ISO standards assures customers that Lexington International operates a Quality Management System in accordance with the International Standards Organization. Lexington undergoes regular audits to maintain certification and the commitment to quality.