June 22, 2005

Taking Hair to the Max!

It's summer and you have spent eons of time this past winter (and parts of spring) tucking hair into hats, caps and ponytails to escape the cold and still your hair has taken a beating. Despite using the gentlest shampoos, deep conditioning (you are, aren't you??), your hair is less than a crowning glory. It's not the shiny, bouncy hair that you remember having. It might be thinner and flatter due to breakage or *horrors* hair loss!! (EEEEEK!!!) Perhaps dandruff and/or scalp itch has taken up residence. Yuck!!!. You don't want to use most of those dandruff shampoos out there. They work, but what a toll on your hair! You can invest in lots of salon treatments and products to use at home and drop a chunk of change. You might even visit pricey hair clinics to help remedy the problem. Or you can try another *faster* way to achieve the hair you want and this method doesn't have to be replaced thanks to its lifetime guarantee.

HairMax Laser Comb is a low-level (cold) laser that will improve hair condition and increase hair fullness *naturally*. It increases hair shine, bounce and manageability, and it can help reduce dandruff and itchy scalp. Originally found in those very expensive hair clinics, this device is a micro-sized version that you can use at home for 10 minutes a day one to three times per week. It's an easy-to-use, high tech device that's packed in a leather case. (oohh! Love the case)

Let's get down to biz here. The HairMax Laser Comb is a miniaturized version of the latest in laser hair care and while you might suffer a bit from initial sticker shock, this device is significantly less expensive than hair clinic treatments; it lasts a lot longer and you can use it at home, in a hotel--wherever! It has interchangeable power transformers. The kit includes an instructional video to show you how it works and to use it. Essentially, it's a brush/comb and go!

What does Laser Hair Treatment do? It helps promote thicker, fuller, healthier hair through the use of laser light to nourish and revitalize hair follicles and scalp. Light is energy and living cells love being exposed to light (read up on seasonal affect disorder if you doubt this). Your scalp is comprised of cells and your hair is alive too, thus it does better and grows more when there is more light.

It works much like using a brush through your hair. Because it's extremely compact, you can run it through the hair much like a good brushing and use it up to three times per week for about 10 minutes each time for the best results. Improvement in your hair will be seen between 5-10 weeks but is often seen sooner as the hair gets shinier, more manageable. While results are individual, based on anecdotal trials, nearly 100% of users reported positive results.

Laser PhotoTherapy treatment comes from some of the most advanced hair clinics where they use these same lasers to treat problematic hair and scalp. If you are considering a hair clinic as an option, realize that the clinic based treatments often cost thousands of dollars for a single course of treatment, you might pause. Realize that hair and scalp problems are often chronic and need maintenance treatment and the cost becomes staggering as it adds up over YOUR lifetime.

Consider a HairMax Laser Comb a commitment to yourself and your hair (as in keeping it and keeping it healthy). By purchasing a Laser Comb, you can get the same treatment at home with no hassle of traveling and now a fixed cost that isn't going up but actually costing less with each application of the light. Visit for more information and locations near you.