Lexington Announces the Introduction Of Hairmax Fibers

HairMax Hair Fibers Product Line Further Solidifies the Leadership Position of Lexington Int,. LLC, in the Hair Loss Products Category 

OCTOBER 22 , 2009 - Boca Raton, FL - Lexington International, LLC, manufacturer of  the HairMax LaserComb;  the only laser home phototherapy device for hair growth to have FDA 510(k) clearance for marketing, is proud to introduce the HairMax Hair Fibers line of hair loss products to conceal hair loss.  Consumers with hair loss have created a demand for products that restore their appearance right away so the introduction of the HairMax Hair Fibers will provide an ideal solution for this need.
The HairMax Hair Fibers incorporate cutting edge production which produces ultra fine natural keratin protein fibers that blend and statically cling to a user's existing hair. This means that the fibers will not weigh hair down or clump on the scalp. The HairMax Hair Fibers are an ideal addition to the HairMax line of products for hair loss as they create a natural appearance of a full head of hair. Simply by sprinkling the HairMax Hair Fibers onto the scalp, this innovative product will help people conceal thinning hair and make their hair appear thicker, fuller, and more vibrant in seconds. To assure that there is a shade for everyone, HairMax Hair Fibers come in eight color varieties available from black to light blonde.

With over 80 million people in the United States alone having some degree of hair loss there is a tremendous demand for products that help ameliorate their condition. Many people with this problem are greatly concerned about their thinning hair and want to see immediate results which the HairMax Hair Fibers will now provide.  The HairMax Hair Fibers are also completely safe to use after hair transplant surgery.

The specialized manufacturing of the HairMax Hair Fibers make them a superior choice over the leading product presently on the market, Spencer Forrest's Toppik Hair Building Fibers.  The reason for this is that the HairMax Hair Fibers will cling better and give a more natural appearance to those who utilize the product.  In addition, the HairMax Hair Fibers are being offered at a lower price to the Toppik products.

Chief Operating Officer, Randy Veliky states:  "HairMax Hair Fibers fit perfectly with our strategic plan to focus and solidify our franchise in the burgeoning markets of products to treat hair loss.  This line extension allows us to continue to build on the solid success of the HairMax franchise into a global product line by launching a series of line extensions, expanding into new markets, and thereby increasing sales exponentially around the world."

Managing Director of Lexington International, David Michael states:  "The HairMax Hair Fibers are a natural fit for our product line since Lexington has over 20 years of experience in developing products for the hair loss segment of the hair products market".  Further, Mr. Michaels states: "The HairMax LaserComb has helped hundreds of thousands of people world-wide with hereditary hair loss to regrow their hair and thus, the HairMax Hair Fibers products are a perfect compliment to the HairMax line.  People will now be able to conceal their hair loss while waiting for the results from the use of the HairMax LaserComb to take place."

The HairMax Hair Fibers products are available for just $29.00 and one 25 gm bottle can last for up to 60 applications.  It is clear that with this favorable pricing and with the modern design of the HairMax Fibers that these hair loss concealment products will make them the best value in the market place.

About Lexington International, LLC

Based in Boca Raton, Lexington International is a manufacturer and developer of advanced medical laser devices to treat hair loss and scalp disorders.  Lexington International markets the only laser phototherapy device cleared for marketing by the FDA to promote hair growth in men suffering from certain classes of Androgenetic Alopecia.  Over the past 8 years and in over 125 countries worldwide, Lexington Int., LLC has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals improve their appearances with innovative products to treat their hair.